Thursday, August 9, 2012



           Hey,Girls:) Here is your first Like/Dislike:


 Benefits, Tan about Town:


       I purchased this product from sephora, in their beauty to go section.  My main reason for buying this was for the hoola bronzer! I really do like the bronzer, but the other two products i was not happy with.  The some kind-a gorgeous foundation fixer, was very very irritating to my skin!  The foundation fixer was a very creamy touch, but i put it under my eyes, and it was very splochy!  The bad gal lash mascara was just like any other mascara, it really wasn't anything special! Overall i would just buy the bronzer if i could, but this is definetly my DISLIKE of the week!:)



      Covergirl, Clean foundation for sensative skin:


      I absolutly love this product!  This is probably one of the best foundations i have used in awhile!  I got the foundationg for sensative skin.  This foundationg comes in three colors for three types of skin.  The brown, is for normal skin, the green for sensative skin, and the blue is for oil control!  This foundation gave me amazing coverage, and the powder it comes with is so smooth and goes nicely over the creamy foundation!  This is most definetly my LIKE for this week :)

                                                                            xoxo, Jessica


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